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10 April 2013
Top 5 fixes for your website 
An occasional (nerdy) hobby of mine is to "inspect" websites I come across make a note of the Top 5 things I would do in order to improve them. There are of course many reasons why a website may not be quite right but the "Top" Top Five faults are (at least in April 2013) (and in no particular order):

1. No persistent navigation on every page

You have a website but the navigation is flaky, jumps around all over the place or is just plain missing once you leave the home page. There should be a logo and navigation on every page, normally at the top (if you want people to see it).

2. No metacontent (or no relevant metacontent)

Your website is about "selling widgets" but your title and other metacontent talks about "making gadgets" (or worse, there is no title and/or metadescription). A further category here, I'll call it "2a", is the "why have 10 carefully selected keywords when you can have 30 completely random ones" syndrome.

Writing metacontent is not a magic cure-all to send your website to the top of the rankings. It goes hand in hand with the content on the pages themselves.

3. Images with text used instead of text

Doing this is just plain lazy and/or stupid. Allied to not having any ALT tags on the images this is the equivalent of creating a totally secret website that you don't want anyone to discover. I'm not saying not to use images for navigations or for content, obviously they are part and parcel of good design tactics but you should never use an image to show text that's part of the site's content.

4. Inappropriate use of Flash and/or widgets/gadgets that don't work on all systems/browsers

Yes, I love your website but why did you overload it with unnecessary Flash and not give me an option to view it as html?

5. No "News" or other up to date content

This one's a bit more to do with how your site is maintained on an ongoing basis. Do you want people to keep revisiting the site? If so, a News section that you update on a regular basis is a must. Blogging tools like Blogger or Wordpress are great for this type of facility and they remove the need to have programming or coding experience in order to update the site. Content written in blogs normally gets injected straight into Google, almost in real time. It's a no-brainer.

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